Judge committee:

The judge committee is from 3 or 5 members with the necessary qualification. The used point system and the highest score are defining the winner in the category.

Judge system:

The Main Judge is controlling the judges. A score system will be used to judge the competitors. The lowest mark is 1 and the highest is 10 in 4 criteria. The highest score is defining the winner in the category.

Criteria for solo, duo, small groups and formations - Technique, Choreography, Interpretation, Show/ Image

If same groups have equal results, then the sum of the Technique criteria will be compared. If the Technique score is equal, then the sum of the Choreography criteria will be compared and so on. The higher score in the Criteria is defining the winner in the category, although the final score is equal.


  • Балетна формация Рона
  • Сватбена агенция Милеро
  • Балетна формация Рона
  • Flair
  • Русалка Холидейз
  • DJ Daniel Palashev
  • Пищевое оборудование
  • ОНЧ Заря
  • Artualno
  • BG Dancer
  • Aida TV
  • Хасково новини
  • Туристически информационен център
  • Автошкола
  • Сладкарски цех Дипи