Especially high level of XVIII edition of "Magic World" 2023

Especially high level of XVIII edition of "Magic World" 2023
  • 02.01.2024

The 18th edition of the international dance festival "Magic World" in Haskovo ended with the Gala Best concert of the best performers.

Among all 1123 choreographies in the competition, the 5 best solos, duets and top 15 in groups and formations were presented to the audience in the "Zarya" community center. The director of the festival, Milena Nalbantova, presented a special award to the oldest participant - Nikolay Serafimov, 65 years old. The jury chose Maria Uzunova from Dance studio Amelia as the Best Pedagogue. The best choreographer is Liena Benigna, Dance School Demo - Latvia. A special prize of the jury was awarded to Denislav Ivanov for a talented young artist. The biggest GRAND PRIX prize was won by dancers from Dance School Demo, Latvia. Second place at the Gala was won by dance studio "Amelia" from Sofia city, third place - FTA "Balkanski ogon" from the town of Lovech. The fourth place was won by the dance school "Sense" from the city of Varna, and the fifth place was awarded to the ballet "Kalina" from the city of Gorna Oryahovitsa. The cup of the mayor of the municipality of Haskovo went to the city of Burgas to dance school "Estrella".

In the XVIII edition of the competition, 1,400 dancers from 9 countries took part, evaluated by an 18-member international professional jury.


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