Mayor's cup 2021 awarded to a team from Varna

Mayor's cup 2021 awarded to a team from Varna
  • 01.02.2023

The Mayor's Cup from the international dance festival "Magical World" in Haskovo was awarded to the Varna Ballet "Element".
The most prestigious trophy of the traditional festival was presented to the winners by the deputy mayor Maria Valcheva. This happened at an award ceremony after the Gala concert of the best soloists, duet performances and groups late last night at Zarya community center. The mayor's cup is awarded to the best team outside of Haskovo.

The Grand Pri went to the Cowboy Rhythms dance by "Estrella" (Burgas) with the participation of 30 dancers. Many special awards and scholarships were given out at the ceremony.

Nearly 2,000 dancers from 70 clubs performed in the three-day festival, directed by Milena Nalbantova and organized with the support of the municipality. Over 900 performances were presented on two stages, judged by an international jury.


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