Възрастови категории

•         up to 8 y, 9-11 y, 12-15 y, 16-34 y and senior from 35 years.  In duo category in disciplines Dance, Vocal and Instruments the age group is defined by the older participant. 

IMPORTANT - the age category is defined by the year of birth and not the date of birth of the participant. 


Dance disciplines and timing

•          Solo - 1 performer - up to 2:15 min

•          Duo - 2 performers - up to 2:30 min

•          Small group 3-6 performers - up to 3 min

•          Formation – 7-24 performers - up to 4:00 min

•          Production – 25 and more participants to 5:00 min

Exception in timing is made only for folklore teams. Time limints for singers, musicians and actors are defined in the styles section.


Same solo performer has the right to perform maximum 2 performances in one category but in the ranking stays only the one with higher judge score.

In small groups and formations one school can perform with maximum 2 performances in a category. In ranking each performance is ranked. 


•          Ballet – Classcial, Neo classical ballet

•          Contemporary – Modern, Lyrical;

•          Fantasy – Show dance, Acro dance, Open, Street dance;

•          Character dance - Traditional dance, Ethno, Bollywood, Belly dance

•          Musical/Jazz – Musical, Jazz

•          Latin - Social, Ballroom and Latina

•          Folklore – stage and authentic folklore




Each participant can participate in his age division with maximum 2 paintings in any genre - painting or graphics without limitation of the material and techniques. 


The art works must be brought to the Registration desk in the day of the competition. In the registration period photos of them must be sent to our email: 

On each painting you must point the following information: Name of the author, age, school/center, teacher, city and contact phone. 

The painting competition will be held with an art installation at the lobby of the festival complex and the awards will be awarded at a ceremony on the stage. 




Performers of popular and folk songs can take part in the competition. Participants perform up to 2 (two) songs of their choice with a duration not exceeding 5 minutes.

Individual performers, vocal duos, vocal groups and formations can participate.

ACCOMPANIMENT: own accompaniment, sinback, unaccompanied.




The Festival includes participation with a monologue, anecdote, play or part of a play/ dramatization. Duration up to 3 minutes for monologues, anecdotes. Duration up to 15 minutes for a play or part of a play/ dramatization.

Individual performers and theater companies or schools can participate with up to one performance in a category - one individual and one group per participant.




Performers of string, wind, percussion, keyboard and electronic instruments can take part in the competition.

Participants present themselves with up to 2 (two) performances of their choice with a total duration of up to 10 minutes.

Individual performers, duets, groups (3-6), and ensembles (over 7 performers) can participate.




Participants can take part with up to 2 works - essay, poems or prose. 

TOPIC of the Festival for 2023: “DREAMS”

The works must be sent in advance by the specified deadline for submission of applications to the e-mail: Awarded participants will have the opportunity to present their works on stage, if the program allows it. 


Mineralni Bani Municipality
Haskovo Municipality
Dance Club Rona
Broadway Dance Center
Ateneo Della Danza
Ministry of Culture Bulgaria