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Judges 2022

Chiara GagliardoChiara Gagliardo (Italy) – Soloist Dancer at Balletto di Siena, Graduated at Ateneo della Danza (Siena-Italy)

ABT NTC® Level 7th degree

Specialization year at Joffrey Ballet School and work experience at XAOC Contemporary Ballet - New York, USA.

She is an artist, dancer and teacher with big experience and success.

Chiara has toured in many theaters not only in Italy but in Spain, Japan and other countries.

Loree RusseauLoree Russeau (USA) - Loree is a dance educator, choreographer, judge and dance industry entrepreneur. A graduate of the University of Michigan, she has been a director and CEO of Dance Theatre USA /DTUSA International a New York based company. Loree started her successful dance career in the Detroit, Michigan area and over the years under Loree's direction have been awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships to art schools and universities all over the world.

She is working very strongly for cultural exchange programs between dancers and artists in the U.S. and Europe and presenting scholarships all over the world which include Joffrey Ballet, ABT, Point Park College, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, La Luna Dance Center in Ancona, Italy.

Loree is now working closely with the California Center for Arts supporting new projects in California, USA.

Marco BattiMarco Batti (Italy) - Founder and Director of Baleto di Siena, Founder and Artistic Director of the Professional Education course in a.s.d Ateneo della Danza where he teaches Ballet, Contemporary, Contact, Duos, Pointe Technique, ABT Affiliate Teacher. Marco Batti has studied dance methodology at The Royal Ballet School in London, studied and certified by Vaganova Academy of S. Petersburg, certified teacher in Gyrotonic Expansion System, also graduated the University of Florence- Medicine and Surgery, Sports and Physical Sciences department.

Marco has also studied in the following schools - The Ailey School (Horton method), The Martha Graham School, Limon Institute, The Merce Cunningam Studio, Paul Taylor School, Isadora Duncan Foundation, Studio Maestro, and Suzanna Marek. Marco is a guest teacher in USA, Cuba, Spain, England, Bosnia, France, and Italy and for first time in Bulgaria at MAGIC WORLD International Dance Festival.

Marco has a numerous awards as a Best Choreographer at different competitions, also in University Association UNIXTUTTI of Siena, First Italian Teacher to graduate from the American Ballet Theater ® National Training Curriculum, member of CID-UNESCO. He registers his own methods – 1) Biomechanics of Dance in Water Method, 2) The CAVALCARDANZANDO Method: a playing – educative path between horse riding and dance; 3) C.J.M.B. Method (Contemporary Jazz Marco Batti).

Francois BernardFrancois Bernard (Switzerland) - Francois is an Ambassador for the World Artistic Dance Federation (WADF) and official judge, he is a member of the World dance Council and President of the WAPA (World Association of Performing Arts), chapter Switzerland. More than 30 years he is working with dancing. As a successful professional dancer, competitor and now trainer, coach and international judge he dedicates his life to the art of dance.

Francois organized two World championships and many national competitions in couple dances. But his career as a dancer brought him mainly around the world in many theatre, dance companies and cruise lines.

As a multilingual professional he is involved in several dance studios in Asia and Europe and gives workshops around the world in couple and stage dance, he is a partner of “The Robert Fashion Dance – Italy”. He brought more than 40 couples and individual dancers to World, European and National titles.
Ana SiscarAna Siscar (Spain)- Ana is a professional judge, teacher and dancer. Ana has spent more than half of her life dedicated to dance and artistic expressions, at first through the Ballet and later with character and belly dance. She is recognized as a teacher for her clear, deep and systematic pedagogy. She puts special attention on emotional expression through movement. Sensitive, creative and elegant artist.

She is working with shows and doing workshops in countries such as Russia, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, among others.

She is co-director of the Lainhaya Oriental Dance Association. Since the last 5 years she has successfully run her own training program for dancers, also available on line since 2 years ago. She is a Master in Teacher Training in Secondary Education.
Little PhilLittle Phil (Belgium) Teacher and choreographer at Academy Talent Show. He works with Academy RAI 1 and Academy RAI 2. He is famous with participating in Dance n Hold Jim TV, Ti Lascio una canzonne RAI 1.

Phil has done the trailer’s choreography for Fame movie. He also participates in many videos of world famous singers such like Justin Timberlake (Summer Love), Craig David (Hot Stuff, Whats yr Flava), Mariah Carey (It’s like that, Shake it off, We belong), Se7en (Crazy), Britney Spears, Back Street Boys, Jeanette Biederman, Brandy, Outcast, Wu Tang Clan and many others. He works with them in their tours and concerts as a choreographer, dancer and supporting actor.

Phil is working with Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Freddy, BMW, Opel, Rifle jeans, Oneil, Interjeans, Fibbo, etc. He works in Italy very often. This year he will be again a part of the judge team at MAGIC WORLD Festival.
Roslana Moravenova Assoc. Prof. Roslana Moravenova, PhD (Bulgaria) - teaches at the Department of Choreography at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts Prof. Asen Diamandiev, Plovdiv in the disciplines: Choreographic Composition, Choreographic Directing and Dance Performance, a former graduate of the National team in rhythmic gymnastics.

Assoc. Prof. Moravenova has close interests, experience and scientific work in the study of Bulgarian dance folklore, its dramatic development, the relationship between sport and dance and various types of dance arts. She has published numerous scientific works and monographs related to the relationship between dance arts, the role of ballet and folklore in the interpretation of dance stage productions and management specifics in choreographic productions. Choreographs and directs significant cultural events related to anniversaries and annual holidays of AMDFA, official openings of the World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sofia in 2012 and 2022; Director of artistic lighting of famous cultural events, including concert performances of Prof. Daniela Dzheneva and annual concerts of the Department of Choreography of AMDFA. Her experience is valuable not only in the country but also in other countries.
Dimitrios TsakirisDimitrios Tsakiris (Greece) - He started as a dancer at the age of 3 with Greek traditional and folk dances, participating in various festivals both in his country and abroad. Later he started doing multicultural dances such as Latin & Ballroom dancing with success at the competitive level. Today he is a dance teacher in Contemporary, Latin, Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Street Dance / Hip-Hop, Oriental / Belly Dance, Greek Folk & Traditional Dance etc Dimitrios is the President of the National Dance Sport Council of Greece of the Global Dance Sport Council - Federation, Director of World Dance Borders (by GDSC), General Secretary of the World Association of Performing Arts (Greece Section), Creator and President of the SENSO Athletic & Social Dance Association of Thessaloniki (Greece), Certified International Dance Judge and International Dance Examiner (membrer of NDSCG – GDSC – WDC – WADF – WAPA - CID-Unesco).

He is the Creator and Director of the following Dance Competition / Festival: -CROWD International Dance Festival -WBDC - Open World Belly Dance Cup (+ online edition) -SKG International Dance Sport Open -Open MUNDIAL of Argentine Tango (with live band) -XMAS Video Dance Fest (online) Mr. Dimitrios Tsakiris teaches dance in various cities in Greece and abroad. He has also judged in competitions in Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Ukraine, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium etc. He is the Creator and Trainer of the "Special Keeds.. Special Needs - Dance for All" program and dedicates a lot of time to volunteering. He has studied Psychology with a specialization in Sports Psychology at DEREE The American College in Greece, Graduate in Special Education with Specialization as a Trainer for People with Special Educational Needs from the University of Macedonia with many certified seminars in his specialties and more.

Naike NegrettiNaike Negretti (Italy/USA) - She began to train dances in Italy and her career started at only 7 years old with the appearance in theaters and television programs, and then continue in the following years up to choreograph and dance. She moved from Italy to New York in 2005. She works all around the United States and Europe (Scotland, Great Britain, Czech Republic , Italy). After moving to New York City, she is hired as a dancer and choreographer for "DANCE 2XS" and other famous companies and local artists. She dances as a soloist for "DECADANCETHEATRE", one of America's most important companies female in the world of hip hop. At the same time, in Italy, she became artistic director of the Kamutis Dance Company.

She studies dances at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City and also Active Isolated Flexibility at the same institute. She was hosted between teachers at Arias Dance NYC, "World Dance Movement" directed by Michele Assaf, "Dance Without Limits" in Prague, "Sud&Broadway" in Italy sponsored by the Broadway Dance Center of New York City, "Choreographic Showcase" Olbia, "Dance Master Class" in Italy and Spain and La Luna Dance Center in Ancona. Naike teaches Contemporary - Jazz, Hip Hop, Street Jazz , Video Dance and Active Isolated Flexibility in workshops and conventions in the U.S. and Europe, choreographer for several studies around the world and works at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City, inside of the Education Department for foreign students, which deals with students who want to start to professionalism in the prestigious American school. Naike is the official Italian outreach for Broadway Dance Center of NYC and works with Europe for Broadway Dance Center and Dance Theater USA.
Vasko DimovVasko Dimov (Bulgaria) - choreographer, graduated from the Institute of Music and Choreography in Sofia, majoring in Bulgarian folk dances, worked as a choreographer for the ensemble for folk songs and dances "Pretty Thrace”, Haskovo. He teaches History of Dance Art and Bulgarian Folk Dances at the Institute for Cultural and Educational Personnel, Haskovo. Founder and leader of the Children's Dance Ensemble "Yuzhnyache" for 37 years. He is currently the artistic director of the dance ensemble "Yuzhnyatsi" (Southerners) at "Peyo Yavorov -1982" Community Center, Haskovo. Vasko Dimov is an author and co-author of dance choreographies for children and adults. He has realized his productions in Lvov - Ukraine and Tashkent - Uzbekistan. He is a creator of mass dance compositions on the occasion of significant dates and celebrations. Multiple appearances on international stages and winner of prestigious awards: Gold Badge of the All-Union Council of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan; Gold Medal from San Diego - California; Golden key from the city of Ismailia - Arab Republic of Egypt.

He is a three-time winner of the Plaque of the Municipality of Haskovo; twice holder of the Honorary Badge of the District Governor of Haskovo District; Silver and Gold Lyre of the Union of Music and Dance Figures in Bulgaria. Mr. Dimov is awarded by the Ministry of Culture with a Diploma and Honorary Badge "Seal of Tsar Simeon the Great" - silver for his contribution to the development and promotion of Bulgarian culture and art.
Aleksander MilushevAleksander Milushev (Bulgaria) - graduated from the Institute for Training of Cultural and Educational Staff, choreography profile and Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski", specialty "Culture Management". He worked as the Artistic Director of the Zornitsa Dance Ensemble at the Zarya-1858 Community Center. Founder and leader of the Dance Ensemble at the Ministry of Interior - Haskovo and Dance Ensemble "Iglika", Mineral Baths. Mr. Milushev has an enviable experience in managing cultural activities, has worked as a manager in the Culture Department of Haskovo Municipality, Regional Coordinator of the Bulgarian Spring Folklore Foundation, currently Secretary of the "Zarya-1858" Community Center, Haskovo. Member of the Organizing Committee for the folklore festival "Pretty Thrace sings and dances" in Haskovo. Alexander Milushev is a member of the Supreme Council of the Union of Community Centers in Bulgaria, Chairman of the Regional Community Council for Haskovo District. Winner of numerous awards:

Medal for active community activity of the "Union of Community Centers" in Bulgaria; Honorary Order "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" of the "Slavic Society" in Bulgaria; Medal and Plaque for "Contribution to the people's community work" of the "Union of Community Centers" in Bulgaria; Golden Age Award with the seal of Simeon the Great of the Ministry of Culture; The traditional award of the Ministry of Culture for contribution to the development and establishment of Bulgarian culture and national identity; Honorary plaque of the Regional Governor of Haskovo region on the occasion of May 24 - Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, the Bulgarian literature, education and culture and Slavic literature, for his long work in the field of culture in the region and in the country; Honorary badge of the town of Haskovo for its long-term activity and the establishment of the community work in the municipality of Haskovo.
Petya MilushevaPetya Milusheva (Bulgaria)– Coach of the Sport dance club "Haskovo" in "Zarya-1858" Community Centre and a member of the Bulgarian Federation of Sport Dances. She is a WADF licensed judge and “AN” category judge, which is the highest level in the judging system of the Federation. She takes part in state and international events and competitions.

Mrs. Petya Milusheva graduates the Choreographer Institute in Plovdiv city and later on she specializes in the National Sport Academy with sport dances speciality. She teaches classical ballet as well. She is working with couples, who win the prizes of the sport dance tournaments in Bulgaria and abroad. Mrs. Milusheva works with a professional pedagogical style, patience and with love for the dance itself. Since 2004 she works with Formation programs from Latin and Standard couple dances. The youth formations of club "Haskovo" are champions of Bulgaria for several years.