General rules

  • 1. The organizer has the right for video recording, filming the materials
  • 2. The leader of the groups and choreographers are taking responsibility of the health of the participants
  • 3. The expenses on arriving, accommodating of the groups are on their own account
  • 4. Award expenses, technical equipment, scene decoration and size, medical services are on the account of the organizer
  • 5. Leaders of groups and choreographers are responsible for their group’s behavior.
  • 6. The participants are responsible themselves for their costumes and stage props.
  • 7. Your music has to be uploaded on our Registration platform during the registration of your choreographies. We advice you to bring a copy of your music on CD or flash memory.
  • 8. Same dance composition can not compete in another dancing style in the same competition.
  • 9. Stage size: 12 x 12 m
  • 10. The leaders of the groups or the individual dance performers are obliged to check the results for next rounds, so they can participate and be prepared on time.
  • 11. Safety- the use of open flame, liquids or other substances that may leave the floor wet, damage the stage surface or make it unsafe is forbidden.
  • 12. Costumes- In all age categories the costume should not show the intimate parts of the body or reflect negatively on the dancer’s reputation. With children division the bras should be changed with stylized tops.
  • 13. Performance- In the solo categories one school can participate with maximum 6 solo performances for each style and age division. Same solo performer has the right to dance maximum 2 dances in one category but in the ranking stays only the dance with higher judge score.
  • In duo categories one school can participate with maximum 3 dances in each age and style category.
  • In small groups and formations one school can perform with maximum 2 dances in a category.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Each team can dance more dances in group and formation categories against additional payment such as follows:
  • Groups - 20 EU per dance
  • Formations - 30 EU per dance